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Boot Evaluation Form

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Gary Dranow
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Posted 18 May 2007 - 01:51 AM

Our Panelists from time to time will provide testing reports on Boots and Skis.  When we do this is the "Evaluation Form" we will use.  Our members may also submit there own impressions of boots and or skis they have demoed or are using by copying this form, starting a topic, pasting this or the Ski Evaluation Form in and go to bat.  Feel free, don't be shy.  If Brent, our resident boot, alignment and bio-mechanics expert sees anything in the review the needs to be addressed he will do so as will Podium on ski evaluations.

Have at it;

Describe yourself:
sex: male / female
foot size / shoe size
foot width:
describe your foot volume: (pick one)
high volume= wide double EE +with high arch
moderate=moderate width D or E with moderate arch
low volume= narrow, width B or C with moderate or low arch

Skiing performance level: (put an appropriate skiing level grade);

Describe any personal asymmetry or foot problems, if any;

Boot Brand:
Flex Index:

Boot comfort / fit / quality

Liner description: Thin single layer race type? Well padded and robust? Is it heat moldable? Any custom options?

Powerstrap fit- Is it secure? Is it wide or narrow?

Buckles. Easy to close? Plastic or Metal? Do they close the shell evenly?

Does the boot have any other features?

Is the boot easy to get into?

Does the upper cuff fit tall? medium? or low?

Does the boot have a rear removable "spoiler". How did that affect your fit and stance?

Is tongue pressure even?

Does the liner feel plush? hard? soft? uneven?

Does the heel fit securely, or are there lumps or gaps?

Does the instep fit tight, even, or loose?

Does the toe box offer extra room? Or is it cramped?

Does the boot flex evenly or does it come to an abrupt stop?

Are there extra features with this boot? please describe if any.

Are you using footbeds with this boot?

Boot Skiing Performance

Does the boot promote short radius, or long radius turns?

Does the boot initiate turns quickly? slowly?

Is the boot sensitive? Can you feel differences in snow surfaces?

Is the boot quick from edge to edge?

Does the boot feel powerful at the end of the turn?

Does the boot promote edge hold?

Does the boot absorb terrain changes or dampen vibrations?

Is there anything that stands out in regards to performance?

Who would you recommend this Boot for, type of skier, type of use (All Mountain, Racing, Recreational Racers, Elite Racers Only)?

Is there anything you did not like?