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NASTAR(c) Venue Evaluation Form

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Gary Dranow
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Posted 03 November 2007 - 08:38 PM

Our Panelists from time to time will provide reports on NASTAR Venues as we visit them. When we do this is the "Evaluation Form" we will use. Our members may also submit their own impressions of Resortís VENUE only by copying this form, starting a topic, pasting this or the NASTAR VENUE REVIEW FORM in and go to bat. Feel free, don't be shy. If Gary, our resident Pacesetter and Platinum Level National Champion, sees anything in the review the needs to be addressed he will do so.


Describe yourself:
Racing background, best NASTAR NATIONALS Finish, LAST Year Ending Handicap/Class/Division

Self Assessed Skiing performance level:

Describe General First Impressions of Venue:



Registration Process:

How were you greeted by the Staff:

Staging Area, Line Up:

Well organized, roped, barriers, Start house:

Did you have to wear a number or could you just know it and run:

Was the Starter enthusiastic?

Dual Course or Single:
Start Hill:
Steep, too flat, good platform, pole supports

General comments on the track/hill itself:
Pitch, terrain changes, length, width, visibility, grooming, finish area, safety fencing

Course Set:
Type course, Modified GS, GS, Slalom?  Straight, Offsets, Vertical Distance, rhythmical, a- rhythmical, too close together, too close to the fences, challenging, other

Pacesetterís handicap:

Your handicap:

Final comments:

Would you recommend this venue to others?

Rating: 5 Stars Best, 0 Stars Worst

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NASTAR Race Record / MASTERS Race Record