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2008 Stockli GS review

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Posted 07 February 2008 - 07:05 PM

Describe yourself: Recreational racer, Club racer, Nastar addict, platinum division.  Average Nastar handicap 12ish or so.

Height:5' 8"
Weight: 175 lbs
Age: 48
Gender: M

Skiing performance level: Precision, high performance, double RR tracks everywhere.  Yes I do get off the groomed and in the trees occasionally
Preferred ski terrain: Blue groomed, no crowds.  
Current most preferred ski or skis: Stockli SC carver 170cm.  Stockli Cross 170cm.
Ski description: GS race non-FIS
Ski brand: Stockli
Ski model: 2008 GS
Length: 172cm, 17m radius
Brand and model of ski binding on ski: Atomic Race 412
Is there a riser or dampening plate? Yes Atomic Race Charger 17mm
What is this ski designed for? Recreational Racing, Real Racing
If Racing what Discipline: GS, modified slalom
Do you own this ski or is it a demo?  own
Was the ski recently tuned or waxed?  I sent these skis to Mike deSantis straight from the warehouse.  He put his world cup tune magic on them.  I wax them/rub them religiously before hitting the slopes.

Ski performance: All surfaces
Short radius turns:  good
Medium radius turns: Excellent
Long radius turns: Excellent

Rate this section 1 - 5 (5 being best):
Does the ski have good slow speed turn initiation? not bad  3
Does the ski respond better at high speeds? hell yes  5
Does the ski have good high speed stability? hell yes  4
Does the ski feel damp or lively? lively  3.5
Does the ski feel heavy or light? light compared to most GS skis 3.5

Rate this section 1 - 5 (5 being best):
Hard snow performance: Fantastic.  This ski lives for hard snow. 5
Does the ski provide adequate edge grip? entry, apex, finish? yes yes and hell yes 5
Is there any chatter? none whatsoever 5
Does it inspire confidence on hard snow? oh my Gawd yes 5
Does the ski require extra pressure or is it effortless? Real racers only need apply. 5

Soft snow performance: not applicable

Racing performance: if applicable
Does the ski initiate turns quickly?  you better believe it.
Is the ski quick from edge to edge? lightning quick.
Stable at high speeds, or erratic? stable up to 50mph.  To scared to go faster.
Does the ski chatter? or is it smooth? smooth like Dom Perignon
Does the ski exit turns with ease? ease, very ease
Does the ski handle ruts well? simply yes
Do you feel confident on this ski? or tentative? too confident for my own well being.
Comments:  Have any new ski (especially your main race skis) sent out to be tuned and set up by a capable tune guru.  Never ever ever ski a ski right off the shop floor if you demand maximum performance.  I've let other racers ski this ski and they just gush with excitement.  The tune/edgework put on it by Mike deSantis took a good ski and made it unbelievable.  Highly recommend his services.  Other non-racers who've skied this ski could not handle it.  They thought it was too sharp, too fast and not forgiving enough.  Duh, I guess they've never been on a real race ski.

Would you recommend this ski to fellow skiers?  No.  I don't want them beating me.

What did you like most? the least?
Most I like is the weight to power ratio.  Not ungodly heavy, yet still has more power and performance than needed by 98% of the racing public.  Just the right flex, not too stiff, not at all soft.  Just the right "pop" exiting the turn.  Perfect side cut and turn radius for my racing.
Very cool 3D top sheet too.  Looks like a fast, expensive world cup race ski.  When I show up at the start, others want to forfeit right away.