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Deer Valley NASTAR Venue 2010 update

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#1 Gary Dranow

Gary Dranow
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Posted 07 March 2008 - 03:36 PM

Deer Valley NASTAR Venue, 2008 (note the hospitality tent for the day's private race)

We finally made it back to Deer Valley's NASTAR venue for
our 2008 review.  With my artificially shortened season
quickly coming to a close, this will be our only stop there this
year.... But I can tell you we will have Pass in hand next
year, no question about it.

Needed to get some serious skiing in for the Steamboat
finals I called Larry and chided Liz into going to "The Valley"
today inside of pounding our brains out on CBs.  We did that
on Wednesday and as usual for nasty old Park City, our
race arena went ungroomed and was very punishing by
yesterday.  I won't go into but am very glad we had such a
stellar experience at DV and Wolf this year, Liz and I won't
be back to Park City other than with a Silver Pass, they
simply haven't earned our money or respect.  Too bad, and

Moving on (*ahem), we rolled into DV after a quick stop at
PCMR to grab our skis at 10:30.  Parked underground at
Silver lake, comfortably put on our boots in their posh
restaurant complex and was out on the hill making our first
run on "Baldy" at eleven sharp.  Good thing we went straight
to the NASTAR course to sign up as they were having a big
event in the afternoon so the course was going "Private" at

We pulled in, cheerily greeted by their signup guy, the situation
was explained and we hauled 4 laps in their two course.  Based
on Par Times we squeezed three in the yellow and they were
nice enough to let us all take one last run in the Green as
they were pulling the rope.

The courses were set the same but based on the tricky little
hill the yellow course was quite a bit "Technical" than the Green.
Of course I was warmed up by the time I hit the Green and
that did come into play.

Here's the days results.  Solid Pacesetting by Drew, I'm in
my normal range and the set was perfect for getting ready
for Steamboat's See Me and See Ya.  The course was a
tidy "In Your Face" 17m set and the hill has three distinct
pitch changes with a great roller about mid course making
this one of the best 17 - 20 second NASTAR hills around.


Here's my official review for 2008 and 2009 early Season.


Describe yourself:
Racing background, best NASTAR NATIONALS Finish, LAST Year Ending Handicap/Class/Division

Area Pacesetter, Past Champion, Master Racer, Coach

Self Assessed Skiing performance level:

High to very high

Describe General First Impressions of Venue:

Well marked, very visible from the Silver Lake Lodge and
DV's famous "Beach".  Start Corral, to keep registrants
starting racers from hill traffic.  Plenty of B Fencing making
the course very safe at speed.  As a matter of fact, I believe
the whole course, both side as well as the finish area is


Extreme off three Chairlifts servicing the top of DV.


Good at the course, I didn't notice any at the bottom
of the hill or from the top of the chairs but the venue
is very hard to miss.

Registration Process:

You register at the top of the course, decent system but
could be a bit better if they put a computer in the
registration shack.  You sign your waivers (once a season)
pay your money and then give your NASTAR number to
the Starter once in line.  This does slow up the traffic
getting into the course as the starter has to communicate
your NASTAR # to the finish shack via headset.  We have
our NASTAR ID #'s so we are fast, folks that don't know
their ID take a longer.  I'd recommend they enter the
racer at the registration shack (they'd need a top to bottom
network but that's easy, they probably already have
CAT5 pulled) and let the Starter and Timer concentrate
on getting racers through and announcing.

Wasn't bad though and the guys were VERY nice this time
around and knew their posts cold.  Kudos!

How were you greeted by the Staff:

Very well (this year).  We all pulled up in obvious race gear.
Last year this got us sternly cautioned to "Not touch our gates".

None of that this year, its about racing now, not course
maintenance issues.

They staff was relaxed, friendly and helpful.  Kudos!

Staging Area, Line Up:

Again, in a hard fenced "Corral",  plenty of room.

Well organized, roped, barriers, Start house:

Very professional appearance, uniforms, signage
and all the buildings were well maintained.  What you'd
expect at Deer Valley (and you pay for it, I'll get there)

Did you have to wear a number or could you just know it and run:

Nope, gave 'em my NASTAR ID, the Starter had a log sheet so
when I rolled through the next three runs he was already
calling my ID down to the finish shack.  Good system.

Was the Starter enthusiastic?

Our Starter was our Pacesetter, Drew.  He was
busy getting people out, we didn't chew the fat.  I
did tell him that we were doing a review on our
last run and he was very pleasant and enthusiastic
about it.

Dual Course or Single: Dual
Start Hill:   The Start hill is a bit tricky.  About a 4
foot hill onto a quick flat.   The first gate was set
approximately 5 meters from the start.  You needed
to get our quick, get your skates organized in a
hurry.  Good practice for Steamboat wink.gif

Steep, too flat, good platform, pole supports:

Its a bit short but fine.  They do need pole blocks
as holes were punched in the start hill.  The start
hill top was very level, well maintained.

General comments on the track/hill itself:
Pitch, terrain changes, length, width, visibility, grooming, finish area, safety fencing

This Hill is right on par with what we have over at Wolf
Mountain and VASTLY superior to PCMR's very flat Blanche.

As I mentioned above, three pitch changes, decent pitch in
after a two gate or so start and a fabulous roller big enough
to make the following gate a blind turn from above.  The
course is not so technical that is needs inspection (though
that wouldn't hurt skiing it cold) but is the perfect mix of pitch,
terrain changes, and length for an area NASTAR Venue.

I ran in the 19 Second Range, very similar to Wolf's hill in a lot
of ways including Par Time and terrain changes.  I'd put DV and
Wolf as tied for second best hills after Snowbasin's, the Big Dog
of Wasatch Range Nastar Courses (I regret I couldn't get up
there this year but they don't run a very regular schedule at
the basin).

Course Set:
Type course, Modified GS, GS, Slalom? Straight, Offsets, Vertical Distance, rhythmical, a- rhythmical, too close together, too close to the fences, challenging, other

A "IN YOUR FACE" 17-18m course with about 3m of offset.

Very challenging at speed but very good for lower level
racers keeping them on edge and turning.  I had to
pivot 2-3 turns (which was cool, haven't had to do
that all year, glad its still in my bag 'o tricks) on my
180cm Progressors.  On my 175 Progressors I would
have eaten this course up, probably being close to the
PAR and ATA the whole thing.  I'm glad I was on the 180s
as this was excellent training today.  

The course had a very good rhythm, was very well set for
the hill and as I said, at speed, challenging, its was by no
means a PCMR Wax Race.  The main feature of the hill, the
roller, was set particularly well.  Kudos!

Pacesetter’s handicap:

Drew run's as a 12.  He's running very close to that, good HC
for him.

Your handicap: 3

Final comments:

We had a blast and next year will do most if not all our NASTAR
racing at DV and Wolf.  My only negative is that Deer Valley is
quite expensive.  But you do get what you pay for there except
for a lot of runs.  They've solved this with a $99 yearly pass and
we'll be taking advantage of that next season.  I would suggest
to them they offer a $20 all day pass or punch pass for NASTAR
as they have for their non-NASTAR "Timed Runs".

Would you recommend this venue to others?

Without question, this is one hell of a race hill.

Rating: 5 Thumbs UP

thumbsup.gif  thumbsup.gif  thumbsup.gif  thumbsup.gif  thumbsup.gif

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#2 Gary Dranow

Gary Dranow
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Posted 18 February 2010 - 05:43 PM

A quick update for the 2009/10 Season at Deer Valley.

To put it simply, GREAT!  Fair pacesetting, extremely nice crew
and a great little hill with good to very good courses.

Here's the 2010 rating through NASTAR National qualifications

thumbsup.gif thumbsup.gif thumbsup.gif thumbsup.gif thumbsup.gif    

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